The first organic house in Kazakhstan

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About Project

A project which is unique for our country, challenging stereotypes. Environmentally friendly house thought fully to details, where the concept of comfort acquires a special meaning.


Greenery of green


Worthy environment


Thoughtful location


With a love for relaxation


Peace and security


Frequently asked questions

How thick are the panels?

Our panels have a depth of 600 mm.

Width 800 mm.

Height 300 mm.

How many rooms are there in the house?

Living rooms - 5

Mansard - 1

Sanitary facilities  - 4

Laundry room - 1

Wardrobe rooms - 2

Technical room - 1

Is there a parking?

There is a parking place, designed for the total number of houses in the territory of our complex.

Where will my children play?

We also have envisaged this important issue, so we built a mini-children’s town from environmentally friendly materials, which is very important for the younger generation.

There are horizontal bars, hills, climbing devices  at  the playground; altogether all that is needed for the enthusiastic mood and health of our children.


Straw contains very little nutritional value and itself will not support the pest population. The density of straw prevents the activity of rodents. Rodents can only penetrate when the panel is damaged, and the straw is open to the outside atmosphere. Lime has an aseptic further reduction in the probability of damage and infection by rodents.

In addition, electromagnetic jump scares were installed.

And of course, since we are a “LIVE” company, respectively we adhere to natural selection. We have several cats in the territory.

Will the straw decompose?

The straw blocks are designed for air permeability and prevent the formation of a high level of humidity, which causes decomposition. Straw begins to decompose when the moisture content exceeds 25%. Surveys conducted  by ModCell® Company showed that the moisture content in the straw block is less than 15%, which is well below the level at which decomposition becomes a potential risk.


We have several conclusions from KazNIISA and other institutions, and of course, there are recommendations for strengthening several sections that have been fully implemented, where there were transfer requirements, everything has been transferred. After each redesign, we again summoned experts to acknowledge the correctness of the work performed.

For today, this house stood – three (3) years. It has proven itself  perfectly.

Also, we want to add that seismic resistance tests of Straw Bale House were carried out at the University of Nevada in 2009. Eventually:

A straw house with 14 x 14-feet dimensions, complete with a gravel foundation and clay plastered walls, was exposed to seisms exceeding earthquake seisms by 200% recorded in 1994, in Northridge, California (6.7 points). This was the largest measured acceleration of the earth in the world.

After a series of more than seven strong tests, eventually the house was shaking and swinging violently, cracking at the seams, and created a small cloud of dust and straw ... but remained standing!


How to enter into a purchase agreement?

To conclude an agreement, you need to come to our office located at:

Micro-district Almarasan,

Quarter A1, Building 72

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Contact phones +7 (727) 313 26 05, 313 26 07, 313 26 08, 313 26 09

Mob: +7 777 220 59 73

Sales department of Ergo Dom LLC

E-mail address:

It is required to have the following documents in your possession:

1. Identity card

2. Marriage certificate (if married)

3. Identity card of a spouse

We conclude a purchase and sale agreement and formalize the transaction, with full legal support.

What is distinctive in your house from everyone else?


Flame, fire?

The straw blocks are tightly packed and have a lime finish with sand. Fire, however, needs a ready source of oxygen for combustion, and without it combustion will not occur. The blocks provide an almost airless environment, so the fire resistance is very good. Lime, applied according to Straw Bale House technology, on the straw block has a two-hour and 15-minute fire-time reserve.

Yet with these positive properties our type of structure refers to the to the average degree of fire resistance.And here, the 4th level fire safety system for those living in the house has been carefully thought through and made. Sensors and smoke detectors operate for detection and notification of a fire, and installed in all rooms.

The first level is Fire Extinguishers located in a conspicuous place, as the first method of fighting fire.

The second level is the Spray Gun.

The third level is the Dry Pipe System, which runs along the perimeter of all buildings, including 6 fire hoses and hydrants. In the yard, there is a station with a fire-fighting capacity of 25 m3, which is sufficient for 1 hour of extinguishing the fire.

And the fourth level is a Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System.

Accordingly, all measures for fire safety are certainly elaborated and implemented. The nearest fire station has been notified, they know about us and we own all the fire station phones

What is the total area of the town-house?

370 м₂

How long was the house built?

Construction began in 2011, in 2012 there was a break until 2014 and then construction continued until 2017.


Autonomous, gas heating

Water supply?

the city's main, plus additional water filtration is carried out with the AquaFor column.

Location-why is this place chosen?

Our approach to building a house was based on environmental friendliness and health.
It's not a secret that the mountainous terrain differs from the lower part of the city with the cleanest air and freshness. And of course, to fully comply with our direction, we chose this location


City, Central


Russian telecommunications company, which provides communication services under the brand name "OBIT".

Is there a built-in technique?

There is built-in vacuum cleaner AERTECNICA STUDIO TS2
The central cleaning system is arranged in the basement of the house, which ensures silence during cleaning in your space. In each room there is an outlet for connection. Simply insert the hose into a special outlet and press the button. Dust moves through pipelines built into the walls without leaving a trace in your house. Other advantages include the fact that nothing needs to be transferred, cleaned and stored.

What is distinctive in your home from everyone else?

And it is very important that our house "breathes"
Having become acquainted with the technology of construction from straw blocks, wooden logs and from building materials of organic origin, we realized that all issues are solved automatically - by the nature of the building material. As a result, the molecular structure of organic materials, it is plastic, it expands when heated, and when it contracts, it eventually breathes.

Mold formation?

Lime is very alkaline. PH, humidity and air vary from the breathing of walls from straw, prevent fungal and microbial activity.

Due to the applied engineering solutions, there are no "cold bridges" in the house, which means that there is no moisture, fungi and mold destroying the finish.

This is a big PLUS compared to conventional buildings, where there is a problem of freezing corners.

Micro-district Almarasan, Quarter A1, Building 72 Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Т: +7 777 212 64 61
You may contact us and we will call you back
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