Группа компаний

Boguty Boguty FX – is a team of builders, architects, agrarians, social engineers, environmentalists, hydraulic engineers and just dreamers who love their work and believe in the nature forces. The goal of the project is to establish and introduce the model of revitalization of Kazakhstani lands that are not suitable for life. Boguty Boguty

Boguty Fund Boguty Fund – is a private charitable foundation that originated from a family initiative to rehabilitate and protect lost land in Kazakhstan. It was established in 2011. Company’s mission: abolishment of anthropogenic damage to ecosystems and biodiversity, promotion and implementation of the basic principles of sustainable lifestyles - caring for the earth, caring for people. BogutyFund Boguty Fund

Progress LLC Progress LLC – is Alternative Sales Agency. It exists at the market since 1997. Among the clients are HSBC Bank Kazakhstan DB JSC, KaR-Tel LLP (Beeline brand), Hewlett-Packard LLP, Foreign Office “American Power Convention Europe”, Microsoft LLP, and etc. Progress Progress LLC

Brig Communication LLC Brig Communication LLC – are Initiators and implementers of the ERGODOM Project. A company of courageous enthusiasts who have switched from words about environment to actions to preserve it. BrigCommunication ЖШС. Brig Communication LLC

Ergodom ERGODOM - putting into operation in 2017. The first straw bale house in Kazakhstan. The house is in the form of a town house, built of organic materials, taking into account the recommendations of Feng Shui and Vastu Purushi Mandali. It was created for a healthy life and happy families. Ergodom

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